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Our shop is open to the general public for visits and in-store purchases under strict covid-19 measures. No hobbyist will be let into the store without a face mask and proper sanitation of hands. Please lets all endeavor to respect the measures put in place by the government to combat this pandemic. Customers be aware! and thank you for understanding.

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Visiting hours are from Mondays to Fridays 8am to 4pm and on Saturdays 8am to 12:30pm

Arowanas are slender, bony fish that are covered by large, heavy scales that can reach over 2cm in length! Different species come in a variety of colors, ranging from silver to blue to red. Their bodies are flat and they have large mouths that face upwards. The shape of their mouth helps them to breathe oxygen at the water’s surface as well as to catch any prey they may find there. They also have good eyesight which helps them to spot prey either on or above the water. arowana fish for sale

These fish are ambush predators and swim close to the surface of the water, where they take their unsuspecting prey by surprise. They have a varied diet, practically feeding on anything they can get their large mouth around. They feed on insects, crustaceans, and small fish. Some have even been found with bats and snakes in their bellies! arowana fish for sale

They are also excellent jumpers and have been observed leaping almost 2 meters out of the water to pick insects and birds off of branches. One species – the Silver Arowana – has even earnt the nickname the silver money or monkey fish for its acrobatic skills. arowana fish for sale

Habitat destruction and capture for the pet trade are the two biggest threats to Arowana fish species and have caused a sharp decline in their population number. The Asian Arowana is one of the most prized and expensive aquarium fishes in the world, with some rumored to have sold for as much as $300,000! This fish has been likened to a dragon, with its large, metallic scales and whiskers that jut from its chin. It is this resemblance to a dragon that has made it such a sought-after aquarium fish, as people believe that the fish brings good luck and prosperity. arowana fish for sale

Arowanas are fascinating freshwater fish that inhabit a wide range of environments. Several biological adaptations have enabled these bony-tongued fishes to persist in these places for millions of years, dating back to the times of the dinosaur. Let’s take a closer look. arowana fish for sale

There are approximately 220 species of bony-tongued fish and all are found in freshwater environments.


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