Albino Arowana for sale;1st Grade/Quality


Albino Arowana for Sale

The albino arowana for sale at is of top quality, best of its grade and bred with a substantial degree of handling and care.

Most efficient  albino arowana for sale breeding process implemented with exotic results.

The albino arowana is by far the top grade and best of quality of all its Malaysian brothers and sisters. Their all shiny metal like silver scales are beyond measurable beauty and perfection.

This albino arowana for salewill swim in the middle of the tank and will sometimes venture the bottom and the top tank levels for comfort but usually a healthy arowana will swing in the middle of the tank.

Owning an arowana is highly beneficial to its owners as it attracts wealth, good health, prosperity and fortune for the owner.

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albino arowana for saleAlbino Silver Arowana For Sale

The albino arowana for sale is a rare specimen of the Malaysian albino arowana fish. The albino arowana fish is a natural variant that is originated from the Bukit Merah lake in Perah, Malaysia. The albino arowana is white in color and is remarkable for its shiny scales.

Like other silver arowanas, the silver rims on the scales reach the 4th row of scales when young and will spread towards the back until it reaches the 6th row of scales upon maturity.

The name albino attached to silver arowana means the golden coloration crossing over the back. The crossback golden arowana is a rare specimen of the asian arowana category.


Just like their Asian brothers, the Crossback golden arowana fish can grow to an optimum of 3feet and having a lifespan of over 25years.

Because of its possibility to grow to this massive size, golden arowana is also categorized as a freshwater predator fish.

With their enormous size in growth and maturity, the golden arowana demands a large tank to accommodate it grow to their full potentials of about 3feet in length.

The bigger the tank the better as this predatory fish will swim to all edges of the aquarium or tank to find mark his or her territory and a spacious tank is required for the perfect growth and wellbeing of this rare ornamental fish.


Buying an arowana fish for the first time? Do you still feel the need for more research on the specimen you wish to own and on how you can go about to care for the selected specimen, so it reaches the peak of its growth, coloration and beauty ?

Have no worries, you will be educated with articles on arowana care and well-being, feeding, tank setup, water level, water PH level and filtration. thank you for using Arowana pets.

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