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Jardini Arowana For sale

The jardini for sale is of best quality. The jardini arowana for sale has been micro-chipped,  also health papers and certifications are available.

The jardini arowana for sale is of good health. The jardini arowana for sale is a perfect swimmer and will utilize the most out of its tank space.

The premium quality of the jardini arowana for sale warrants it a higher price than the regular jardini for sale.

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Jardini Arowana for sale

The jardini arowana for sale is commonly coded by arowana hobbyist as JA. The jardini arowana gold is native of Australia and New Guinea through out most of the golf of Carpentaria drainage system.

The jardini arowana has the binomial name Scleropages Formosus and the bony head family of freshwater fish Osteoglossidae.

The jardini arowana is a mouthbrooder like other arowanas but unlike Asian arowanas, it is the females who brood the young in her mouth rather than the male. They are water jumpers too like the black arowana and predatory and aggressive.


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