Platinum Arowana for sale: 1st Grade/Quality


Platinum Arowana for sale

The platinum arowana for sale has been microchipped and has all paperwork attached including certifications.

The image of the fish on this site is a representation of the specimen. The actual fish is more beautiful with better coloration.

The platinum arowana for sale is healthy and properly bred. platinum  arowanas for sale satisfy the CITES arowana health temperaments before the sale of this specimen.


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Platinum Arowana For sale

The platinum arowana for sale is one of the larger predator fish found int he Amazone Basin (south America) and they are semi aggressive with a long life span.

The platinum silver arowana for sale have been bred in captivity with the male doing the brooding in their mouth. Platinum silver arowana are carnivore. Provide a variety of diet with pellet food, frozen food and they will definitely accept live food.

It can grow up to 3 feet with a lifespan of 25+years. It can feed on crickets, worms and shrimps, they are carnivore in nature. Like most arowanas they can be hand fed and trained to obey their owners.


Buying an arowana fish for the first time? Do you still feel the need for more research on the specimen you wish to own and on how you can go about to care for the selected specimen so it reaches the peak of its growth, coloration and beauty.

Have no worries. You will be educated with articles on arowana care and well-being, feeding, tank setup, water level, water PH level and filtration. thank you for using Arowana Pets.

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