Red Arowana for sale – 1st Quality


Red Arowana for Sale

Red arowana for sale at Arowana Pets are of top grade quality with a bold coloration. The red arowana naturally originates from Asia.

The red arowana for sale has been microchip and has certification. it can reach a massive 35 inches length. The fish for sale range from 4inches to 34inch in length.

The red arowana for sale swims in the middle of the tank but will venture higher and lower from time to time. They are highly territorial and tend to fight tank mates.

Red Arowana for sale is a hardly species that can tolerate a range of conditions. red arowana may not look it, but the red arowana for sale is actually easy to care for. Thank you for using Arowana Pets.

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Red Arowana for sale

The best quality of Asian arowanas made available to the arowana market. The red arowana for sale has been microchip and carries a unique tag number.

Red arowana just as the name reads, is reddish in color with 5 rows of scales which are metallic-like, cycloid and mosaic pattern of raised ribs in nature.

They are natives of Southeast Asia well known from the upper parts of the Kapuas River and near lakes western Indonesia part of Borneo.

The red arowana is of the Osteoglossidae family with Binomial name Scleropages formosus. The fish is significantly known in the Chinese culture because they resemble the traditional Chinese dragon, they can reach a massive 35inches length.


Buying an arowana fish for the first time? Do you still feel the need for more research on the specimen you wish to own and on how you can go about to care for the selected specimen so it reaches the peak of its growth, coloration and beauty.

Have no worries. You will be educated with articles on arowana care and well-being, feeding, tank setup, water level, water PH level and filtration. thank you for using Arowana Pets

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