“Live Arrival Guarantee” We guarantee active and live fish upon arrival to the customer. If a fish has perished upon arrival, a fish credit for the amount of the corresponding fish will be provided to you which can be used as a coupon code on a future purchase or order. To confirm our guarantee, we request notification within 48 hours of receipt along with a picture and or videos of the live fish. Arowanas are shy in new homes and environments including tanks. We suggest after receiving your order you should give the fish at least a week to adapt to the new atmosphere it finds itself.

In regards to shipping and delivery, we ship live fish worldwide and all our deliveries are 100% guaranteed alongside concrete insurance cover. All our fish are equipped with microchips and certificate of quality/identity in compliance to CITES. Hence all our fishes are electronically tagged with a microchip (bearing a unique number) near their stomach wall. We also offer tracking numbers after prior shipping and delivery.

We thrive hard to give you the best quality and experience as we ship your fish. We work with airlines diligently and other stakeholders in the pet transport sector.

We urge you as a fish lover to do research on the fish after you place your order to prepare the necessary environment and care to optimize the fish’s health and wellbeing. Obtain the appropriate tanks and accessories for your fish as Live Arrival Guarantee is coupled with the fish owner’s responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy habitat once the fish is in your care.

Shipping and Delivery

With internationally renowned logistics operators, including DHL, UPS EMS, etc. Arowana Pets ships worldwide to more than 200 countries with numerous orders dispatched securely on an almost weekly basis. For total convenience, we offer a broad range of shipping options to fit the needs of every customer. Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are placed in accordance with our rigorous standards. Your order will be carefully checked and securely packed before shipping out.

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