About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Arowana Pets is to provide top grade and quality Arowanas to fish lovers around the world in the quest to make this rare exotic fish known even to non-fish lovers.To thrive for the best breeding programs and to make available healthy and quality arowanas for all aquatic hobbyist from the deep pacific to the terrific atlantic so all around the world they can enjoy the benefits of owning an arowana fish.

Arowana Pets is a small-scale family fish breeding farm.

We have branches located in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) and Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA. We are recommended by British Veterinary Association which goes alongside 12 years of hands-on experience  breeding and distributing top grade quality Arowanas across Europe, America, Africa and parts of Asia.

Buying a companion fish should not pose a problem as we have a dedicated team to ensure your fish’s certification and compliance as per CITES, as well as the safe delivery of your live fish.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us

Our Motto: To thrive for the best so Everyone, Everywhere can enjoy the beauty and benefits of owning a Rare Exotic Fish. Arowanas.